Your Destiny is in your own Hands!

Searching for answers about your life choices ahead of you such as, Love, Career, Relationships, Health and Destiny!

Well the truth is your Destiny is in your own hands, thoughts and written in the stars and AnnaLee is an expert in the field of telling you what they say…….

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About Anna Lee

The name Anna Lee belonged to her late grandmother who passed away before she was born. Even though she never had the pleasure of meeting her grandmother, Anna lee from a very early age has always felt and told people that there is a little old lady with her, who she would often talk to.

When Anne Lee described this lady to her father, in her teenage years, he told her that it was his mother who passed away when he was just thirteen and that she used to read palms.  Anna Lee’s grandfather on her mother’s side was a Roman Gypsy, and that is where it is believed that Anna Lee got her psychic gifts, and talent for palmistry as it was widely used by gypsies. However, Anna Lee also feels that her father’s mother by her side offers help too.

Anna Lee showed her first interest in palm reading at the early age of five, after receiving an injury to the centre of her hand, by trapping her hand in her younger brother’s pushchair. She watched it heal over time and noticed the lines in her palm and how they changed during the healing process. This fascination never left her, progressing to researching palmistry, but she was quick to realise that she could not seem to absorb the information from books but instead found over time she was reading palms instinctively, as it came very naturally to her.

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Your hands can give you the heads up of what is around that next corner!

Palmistry dates back centuries and is both a science and an art, whilst using psychic intuition to study the lines and signs in your hands, to reveal your character, health and psychological states, as well as how you view and live your life. The lines on your hands reflect your thoughts and emotions so that when your attitudes and behaviour patterns change your lines reflect these changes.

Anna Lee is one of the planets gifted palm readers and now has free space to start taking bookings again, so get in touch today to save disappointment.


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Click Here to get your palms read today online by scanning your palms and emailing to Anna Lee for only £25

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Tarot Cards

Open Tarot Card readings address the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question. Readings are usually done when you’re entering a new phase of life, such as getting married, graduating from college or starting a family. You can somewhat direct the reading if you have a general area you wish to cover, such as your career or health, but that’s as specific as the direction gets, these readings are purely guidance and the person always has free will and freedom of choice to change outcomes.

Anna Lee uses psychic intuition to read your cards and explain the guidance the cards are giving you to help you make the right decision for you and she now has free space to start taking bookings again, so get in touch today to save disappointment.


Click Here to book you tarot card reading with Ann Lee which is £25 for a half hour reading, or you can book Anna Lee for your house party or event where the host gets a free reading with a minimum booking of 7 at the party.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Get a Coach

I know you can do this but it is far easier when you have the help of someone who wants you to succeed, which is where spiritual life coaching comes in.  Anna Lee is a qualified life coach and can help you set realise your life goals. She can help you keep them in with your values, help you break the goal down into manageable steps, help you identify potential obstacles, keep you accountable and best of all, help you celebrate your successes.


Celebrate Your Successes

We humans have a funny way of noticing what goes wrong over what is going well, and it is easy to be hard on ourselves when we feel we have let ourselves down.  For example, when trying to lose a few pounds, we eat cake! Or when we promised, ourselves we would get our heads into the books and learn new skills or complete our Uni course work, you find yourself sitting in front of the television instead! It’s easy to get distracted from our goals from time to time and that’s OK. It’s important that we don’t let the occasional distraction bring us down and that’s why we should Celebrate the days you did not have the cake, or acknowledge the things you have already learned, look at the distance you have already travelled – realise you are on our way


Get in touch today if you feel Anna Lee’s Life Coaching Skills could help you achieve your goals.

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Anna Lee   

Hi my name is Anna Lee
I am a Palmist, Intuitive Card and Gypsy Card Reader
My other services are;
Private Readings at your home, Charity and Pamper Nights.
Available for hire for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday, and Hen Parties. 
Any Special Occasion.
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All Bookings and Inquires can be made by Email or Phone.
Tel; 0784 633 2806😀Please do not ask me to predict a pregnancy, diagnose an illness or advise you on a legal matter. I welcome your problems how big or small; I can also help to motivate you if you are stuck in a particular area of your life. My readings are always positive, I work with compassion and empathy, I am not always going to tell you what you want to hear, as I do not believe in giving you false hope, I tell it as it is, I get to the heart of the matter to sensitively answer your questions and bring your insight to your situation.

Terms; the law dictates that as Psychic abilities has not been scientifically proven and therefore, this 
Service can only be offered as “Entertainment” under the law. It is under those terms that I am able to offer you a reading


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