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The name Anna Lee belonged to her late grandmother who passed away before she was born. Even though she never had the pleasure of meeting her grandmother, Anna lee from a very early age has always felt and told people that there is a little old lady with her, who she would often talk to.

When Anne Lee described this lady to her father, in her teenage years, he told her that it was his mother who passed away when he was just thirteen and that she used to read palms.  Anna Lee’s grandfather on her mother’s side was a Roman Gypsy, and that is where it is believed that Anna Lee got her psychic gifts, and talent for palmistry as it was widely used by gypsies. However, Anna Lee also feels that her father’s mother by her side offers help too. 

Very insightful, truthful, and positive instructions on how to move forward


Anna Lee showed her first interest in palm reading at the early age of five, after receiving an injury to the centre of her hand, by trapping her hand in her younger brother’s pushchair. She watched it heal over time and noticed the lines in her palm and how they changed during the healing process. This fascination never left her, progressing to researching palmistry, but she was quick to realise that she could not seem to absorb the information from books but instead found over time she was reading palms instinctively, as it came very naturally to her.


The reading was a bit emotional quite heartwarming and scarily accurate

Andrea – Newbridge