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Birth Chart, Three Card Spread and Personal Profile

When you purchase this very informative package, I will read the cards and the information you send me and using my special skills create an unique and personal report on 3 separate readings of your life and personality.

1) Your Birth Chart – The system of astrology based on the conception, that each persons personality or life path can be determined by construction of the birth chart from the exact date time and location of that person.  For this I will need your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth.

2) The Three-Cards Spread is an excellent method for quickly collecting your thoughts and seeking advice regarding a specific issue. The cards drawn in this tarot reading will tell you the influence of the issue’s past, the atmosphere at the present time, and the future outcome.

It is helpful, but not necessary, if you tell me the question before I read for you; this allows me to provide more interpretation. However, if you are uncomfortable divulging personal details, the cards will answer you nevertheless. You may provide me with as much or as little information as you like, only bear in mind that you will likely get more out of it if you help me to quickly understand your situation. Bits of it may come to me through the cards themselves, but I cannot read your mind.

This is a superb reading for advice and guidance on any situation, one question per reading only. 

3) Your Personal Profile –  This describes your personality and how you see the world and your reaction to it. Look at the colours on the chart you will be directed to once you have paid, and pick colour’s that you are drawn too, not your favourite colours and number them in order of your choice from 1-8.

On payment you will be directed to another page where I will ask you to provide me with the information I need to create this special report for you.  I will then send the information to you in the post by first class post.

Price – £25.00