Palmistry dates back centuries and is both a science and an art. Palmistry uses psychic intuition to study the lines and signs in your hands to reveal your character and psychological states as well as how you view and live your life. The lines on your hands reflect your thoughts and emotions so that when your attitudes and behaviour patterns change your lines reflect these changes.

Palmistry is the study of your palms, mainly by observing your palm shape, your colour and the lines found on your palm and your fingers and thumbs.

Palm readings will open a world of insight into yourself, your family, friends and your future. It gives you guidance to what course you need to take in life whether it’s your career or relationships. Palm readings will give you the guidance but remember you then have freedom of choice in what you do with that information. As unique as we are, so are our palms that is why you will never find identical palms or readings.

Anna Lee is one of the planets gifted palm readers and now has free space to start taking bookings again, so get in touch today to save disappointment.

Services Available


  • Individual Readings
  • Home Party Readings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Group Readings – Weddings
  • Hen Parties – Stag Parties
  • Events – Corporate etc

All readings can be in your home or at a venue of your choice

Video call readings for individuals can also be arranged


  • Individuals £40 per session
  • Up to 10 people £300 (£30 each)
  • Up to 25 People £500 (£20 each)
  • Up to 50 People £625 (12.50 each)
  • Organiser gets a free reading

Such an in-depth and amazing reading.  Really thorough and accurate
Thank you so much