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Get a Coach

I know you can do this but it is far easier when you have the help of someone who wants you to succeed, which is where spiritual life coaching comes in.  Anna Lee is a qualified life coach and can help you set realise your life goals. She can help you keep them in with your values, help you break the goal down into manageable steps, help you identify potential obstacles, keep you accountable and best of all, help you celebrate your successes.


Celebrate Your Successes

We humans have a funny way of noticing what goes wrong over what is going well, and it is easy to be hard on ourselves when we feel we have let ourselves down.  For example, when trying to lose a few pounds, we eat cake! Or when we promised, ourselves we would get our heads into the books and learn new skills or complete our Uni course work, you find yourself sitting in front of the television instead! It’s easy to get distracted from our goals from time to time and that’s OK. It’s important that we don’t let the occasional distraction bring us down and that’s why we should Celebrate the days you did not have the cake, or acknowledge the things you have already learned, look at the distance you have already travelled – realise you are on our way


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