Quotes from those in the know!


Thank you for the wonderful message you gave me today at Langstone Village Hall. We laughed and that is what I needed x

Anna was kind honest and direct nothing is sugar-coated, but makes sense.

Thank you for your guidance

Natalie - 11/02/24

Had a fantastic reading from Annalee this morning, she was so accurate on everything and now she has given me a lot to think about. Thank you!

Samantha Myer

I was sceptical but Anna told me what I knew deep down but ignored, she touched my heart
Cheryl Benson

Lovely accurate reading

Sue Fitford

Thank you for a lovely reading.  It all makes sense

Claive Bennett

Palm reading and very intuitive, and insightful with some aspects of my life at the moment


An amazing reading. Very in-depth and answered all my concerns. What a wonderful person. x


A very special person answered all my questions. Thank you x


Very impressed by what she said. I rate her 10/10.  Feel so much better after my reading will definitely go back 

Gemma Parry

Hi Anna Lee
I’m just writing o tell you that I went back to Talbot Green today there was something saying I should go back and check the shops again for when I lost my beloved gold bracelet.  And I was right, I went to three shops and the fourth one Marks and Spencer’s.  I went to the lost property section and there it was in the bottom of a plastic bag waiting for me the gold bracelet.
Oh Anna I cried with happiness.
Thank you for guiding me there xx
The only other thing remember is you said I would meet someone did the guides say what he would look like x x
With all the love to my guides and you x
Jacqui Miles


Thank you so much. Today I felt like the earth was on top of me and my life had no meaning. However, you helped me feel a sense of worth and hope. You definitely have a gift from God and a great sense of humour.
Everyone, this woman is genuine and her reading was so informative, insightful and on point. She is very patient and friendly. I will be back again Anna…

Love and blessings


Aug 2021

I got a palm reading done a few days ago, I was really impressed by what Annalee had to say and how much it related to myself.  She was very clear, confident and caring and explained everything if I did not understand and also did a few cards with me. I would definitely recommend to get your palms read

Thank you Annalee

Many Thanks


July 2021

Dear Anna-Lee,

 Thank you so much for the amazing reading you did for me today. I’m sorry I broke down in tears so many times. Your reading gave me some hope and I’m feeling a bit more optimistic now.  I will definitely be back for another reading.

Thank you again for your kind words.


July 2021

Thank you for the reading Anna Lee, really enjoyed it. Very clear, full and understandable information.


Feb 2021

Anna was very friendly and gave an explanation to everything she told me. Having my palm reading backed up by card readings gave additional insight into my future, my personality and how I can move forward. Anna gave me renewed positivity and I am confident I can continue on my journey with the belief that I am on the right path. I will definitely speak to Anna again. Thank you


Feb 2021

I was sceptical like we all are in beginning, but I decided to go ahead and have all 3 tarot, palm and birth chart reading. I didn’t get paid to put this review, I’m doing it because I am a believer now, 

Anna thank you very much for your honesty and your time, you answered a lot of my questions without me even putting them out to you. I’m always going to be grateful to you, God bless You so You can carry on helping others for many years to come, I will definitely contact you in future again for another reading.


Jan 2021

Hi Anna, 

After my reading yesterday I’m thinking of maybe doing a course to become a life coach as I really like helping others. 

When this is over, I will ask my sister if she wants to invite some friends over hers for you to do palm readings. 

Kind regards

Ange Xoxo 

Angela Breen

Jan 2021

Hi Anna

Thank you so much for my reading today. Your advice has been really helpful, hope to speak to you again.

Thank you again


It was fun to have a reading with Anna. She was able to confirm some things about me and give me some interesting information that I can look out for in the future. She uses some interesting decks of cards that are insightful. Thanks Anna

I hope this email finds you well


I had my reading with Anna and couldn’t believe it. She has given me extreme clarity to current situations going on in my life. Anna was very calming and professional! You can tell she is very gifted at what she does. I would definitely recommend her services and will be booking more readings for the future

Many thanks

Georgia Channell

Wow I had the most amazing reading with Anna just now. Such a lovely lady and so talented. I am feeling great and so positive about the future. Anna is truly talented


I had a reading with Anna during a lock down, it was very professional, positive and Anna made me feel very comfortable throughout. Anna was lovely to talk to and had a lovely way of putting things and was spot on with my life. x

Jenna Honormand

Had a reading over the phone with this lovely kind caring lady. she is so insightful, and gave me peace and calm.This lady has an amazing gift, would highly recommend.

Julie Turnbull

Amazing lady. Very accurate and on point. High quality and professional. Highly recommended.


5 star review on Google


Dear Anna,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful reading I had with you and what a pleasure it was to meet you. My friend Renia and I really loved spending time with you and I’m glad between us all we managed to spread a little laughter. You gave me hope for which  I am very grateful.

I look forward to meeting you again sometime. In case you don’t remember me I will refer to myself as ‘Chubby Nat’.

With much love and best wishes,

Chubby Nat  (alias Natalie Faria-Vare)

Natalie Faria-Vare

The lovely Anna Lee is here with us again for this event she will be offering palmistry, tarot and gypsy card readings. She has many, many years of experience and is one of the most gifted palmists I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Sally Partington‎ What an amazing day at your palmistry workshop, thank you so much, can’t wait for the next one

Sally Partington

Anna is passionate and knowledgeable. Wonderful reading and backs up everything.

Mandy - 11/02/24

Annalee your guidance will be helpful and it was lovely to talk to you x

Faye Wiltshire

Very positive reading.  Lots to think about

Anne Brown

Amazing experience, absolutely perfect,

 I couldn’t have asked for a better experience thank you

Kiri Collymore-Hunker

Brilliant, excellent. Will be back to see Anna again,


Very insightful, lovely atmosphere. Gave me answers. I was not aware I needed it. Very happy! Such a lovely person. I will see Anna again


Thank you once again for providing a reading for me today, I am really grateful for that. Sometimes it’s just what is needed

It was lovely to meet you and much of what you told me made sense. Many of these things I know myself, but it was great to have them confirmed by yourself, a stranger to me. Thank you very much for the exceptionally long time you gave me today.

Take care


Just be open minded and listen, everything Anna-Lee says has meaning even if it’s not obvious straight away. She is a beautiful individual who provides the most genuine, sincere readings and she always leaves me feeling positive, reflective and peaceful.


Feb 2021

Thank you so much for last night. 

After 10 years in an abusive relationship, Daniel walked into my life and turned it around. Everything you said was true and he is the most gentle and caring man who truly cares for me and my children.

That’s what I was looking to hear from you the most. It takes a lot to trust and let someone in, but if he’s supposed to be here with us then that’s perfect and what I wanted to know. So Thanks again for giving me the best news


Jan 2021

AnnaLee was just as professional over the phone as I’d imagine in person. She told me some things that I’d been told previously by a psychic that no one else would know and other things that when I’ve thought about it it makes so much sense. I was very happy with how many positive things came from my reading. Lovely lady, highly recommended.

Lucy Burkhill

Very good reading. Lovely lady. Went through everything and explained well xx


5 star review on Google

Delyth Lewis

Dear Anna Lee
It was wonderful  to meet you at the Fayre yesterday morning in Llanelli.
You had me absolutely spot on with your readings and it has given me thoughts on direction and the future paths I may consider taking.
It’s reassuring to learn that the spirits that surround me as those of my three closest grandparents, my role models alongside my parents in my growing up years. However, I am still growing up, still learning and my gut instinct is telling me that I needed to meet you yesterday. Of the many different tables I could have approached the draw was to you.
So thank you Anna Lee, I will be seeing you again very soon, that’s  my prediction!
Your new friend
Mandy X


Hi Anna Lee, would just like to thank you for my reading over the weekend, never had one before and was really impressed and grateful of your reading and your guidance. So thanks again, and can’t wait to book after Christmas for my birthday xx 


Hi Anna thanks you very much for yesterday and for my lovely reading I am still trying to think if the male great grandfather figure? Could it be a masculine female figure?

Anna Lee replies… Yes I felt it was let me know take care x 

Leanne Michelle Lewis

Hello Anna I had a reading by back in 2015 in a physic fayre in Barry. At the time I honestly didn’t realise how accurate you would be. And honestly wished I listened more and took note of what else you was saying, you told me a lot of things that would happen and honestly at the time I didn’t believe it. This things you told me didn’t happen until 2016. I have been trying to find you ever since. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate what you said and told me as it honestly really did help. You have an amazing gift. I can’t thank you enough. Kind regards Rebecca x

Very interesting & good personality, enjoyed very much.  B. Knowles

Really enjoyed it. Anna was a lovely lady  Lisa Knowles

Very enjoyable  J. M. Pasett

Lovely lady what we learnt really sunk in  Flona Williams

Great as usual.  Sion Stephen

Very informative, thank you Anna.  Andrew Embling

I love it alot. Michlle Monlong

I met you in Penarth last year and today, you have so much knowledge and I always love listening to you I have learnt so much from you.  Lisa Edwards

Surprising amount of information in a very short time really entertaining and interesting. Thank you Anna.  Jennifer Denning

Very enjoyable  Jayne Smith

Love it. Thank you   Amanala Wilson

Thoroughly enjoyed  Deb Dwrran

Lovely reading, comment helped me to see clearLizB                                                           

Lovely reading. Would definitely recommend x  Cari

Lovely reading.  Great insight into my life. Emma                                                                   

Fun, bubbly, insight reading carried all in my hands   Maria

Wonderful reading, helped me see where I needed to be, thanks you Anna  Teresa  x

Wonderful reading and chat, thank you so much     Rose x 

Lovely, meaningful reading didn’t feel rushed, very thorough and honest thanks  Becca x           

Very insightful, truthful and positive instructions and got to move forward     Cathy x