Are you searching for answers about your life choices ahead of you such as, Love, Career, Relationships, Health and Destiny!

Well the truth is your Destiny is in your own hands and AnnaLee is an expert in the field of telling you what they say and showing you a path forwards.

In this 1 hour Winter Special, AnnaLee will read your palms and explain to you exactly what she is seeing and how it can help to guide you towards the answers you are looking for. And with her Tarot & Gypsy card readings, AnnaLee will use her psychic intuition to read your cards and explain the guidance the cards are giving you to help you make the right decision for you  about the questions you need answering.

This special offer can be arranged over zoom, WhatsApp or the phone so you do not even need to leave the comfort of your own home and at just £35 for all 3 you are saving over £35

Please take a photograph of your palms and email them to Anna at least 48 hrs before your appointment. During your appointment Anna will discuss her findings with you and what part they play in your life…